Reflection on the #hyperlib course

I close out our #hyperlib with a blog post sharing a photo from the readings that had a profound effect on me. This photo reminded me why I developed my early love of libraries, how I connected my interests in public libraries, public spaces, and the public life of cities, and what got me back in grad school to support this calling.

Despite the chaos erupting on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri, the Ferguson Public Library remained open, an oasis of peace, reflection and inclusion in the troubled city.

What inspiration! What hope! The healing power of libraries is real. I shared this news with the world. Others need to know.

Next time someone asks if libraries still matter, we have proof that they do.

Ferguson Library





One thought on “Reflection on the #hyperlib course

  1. I live in Missouri, and when the huge riot in Ferguson occurred in November; I remember feeling hollow as I watched live coverage of the things happening 3 hours away. Then the next day, the news broke that the library there would be remaining open. My heart swelled and my eyes water. As you said, a true inspiration.


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