Director’s Brief on Instagram for County Public Library

I’ve prepared a staff report assessing Instagram as an outreach tool for the County Public Library.



Instagram is one of the most popular mobile computing applications on the market today. Increasingly, libraries are using Instagram to promote services and connect with users. In response to this trend, staff analyzed the Instagram app and its effectiveness for library outreach. Staff analysis disclosed that Instagram is an effective tool for engaging users and marketing library offerings. The app is free, easy to use, and ubiquitous on mobile devices. Instagram comes with an active, dedicated, and growing user base. Its popularity and global market share indicate that the service has longevity in the competitive social networking world. The service has minimal limitations and risks, which can be addressed through good policy development. Based on this study’s findings, staff recommends that the County Public Library adopt Instagram as an outreach tool.

Two notes

1) The Director’s Brief assignment is very effective for preparing us for public library service. The Brief resembles similar memorandum assignments I’ve done at the L.A. County Regional Planning department. I wrote this memo the same way I’d have written it for my Director at Regional Planning. Since memo standards are essentially the same for all County departments, I’d have written it just like this for the County Library Director, too. With the exception of in-text hyperlinks (L.A. County is a bit old school), this memo’s format and style reflects current government practice!

2) The original PDF exceeded the WordPress file limit so I compressed the file using Mac Preview File->Export->Reduce File Size. You can also use this tool to compress PDFs:


3 thoughts on “Director’s Brief on Instagram for County Public Library

  1. Thanks for giving it the official format. It was a very convincing brief and your explanation of possible negatives was thorough — hard to picture anyone bullying the library!
    Here is a library selfie:


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